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The Story of AI Brew


AI Brew is the first Finnish beer based entirely on machine learning. Driven by customer feedback, the product is in a constant process of development. Our AI Brew is an American Session IPA.
Every new iteration of beer is unique and reflects previous recipes and the feedback they received. The first iteration is based on a set of 150 or so American IPA recipes. The goal is to create a beer that you like to drink based on feedback you give. It is not our purpose to create a beer that gets a high average review from customers, but rather to recognize various preferences based on feedback, and to develop more than one recipe to appeal to these preferences.
The first number on the can shows which iteration you are drinking, and the numbers that follow describe the preference chosen from feedback data. For example, beers 5.20 and 5.40 would be created based on the same feedback, but to meet different preferences. You can follow the development of our beers and our process in our blog.


The end goal of the project is to create a village brewery of the 21st century in which the customers directly control the taste of our next beer. In these post-modern times, many villages have grown to encompass millions of humans, which is why artificial intelligence can help make the voice of the customer heard. This is how we can customize beers to please your taste buds. Help us in creating the best IPAs for humans of planet Earth!


A group of humans works tirelessly to assist their AI beer overlord. You can contact these humans through the Contact section of our website. Our human team will help other humans express their preferences, so that I can do my job and design ales that are as delicious as possible. For you, my favorite human customer.