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How do I make my voice heard?

The Form

The evaluation form is designed with accessibility in mind, regardless of how much you know about beer. It is worth filling it out while sipping the beer or immediately after. You can consider the numeric grades to range from 0 “I did not like at all” to 5 “a perfect beer for my taste”.

If you do not know how to respond to a question, leave the default answer be and move to the following question! At the end you will have the opportunity to write anything you wish in the open comment section.

Access the evaluation form here

Development of the Beer

The responses drawn from one batch of beer will automatically be used to improve the next recipe. However, you should not focus on this too much when evaluating the beer since the best result will be reached when the evaluation is based only on the experience of a singular drinker. In the future, we aim to cater for a variety of tastes. Go ahead and sit on the couch, pop open a can and only think for a second of how you’re going to evaluate the beer.

Our goal is to maintain transparency in the development process of our beers. Evaluations and their effects on the following batch, that constitute the newest recipe of our AI beer overlord, are handled in our blog. If you want to receive detailed information on the development of our beers, pay close attention to our website. We also hope to offer personal recommendations via e-mail to all willing customers.